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Microsoft Azure Arc & Hybrid Campaign

How One Video Became a Digital Campaign

3D Animation


The Azure team reached out to VMG Studios to produce an explainer animation highlighting the key features, benefits, and value props of Azure Arc. Time was of the essence – the project was needed in just four weeks and those included the Thanksgiving holiday.

During our initial call, we reviewed the team’s goals, vision, desired viewer action, and deployment strategy. These answers informed our recommendation, which included considering optimization best practices for various playback or launch use cases. In order to help the client save time and money, we leveraged a static infographic as inspiration for their video. By repurposing this artwork, we were able to fast forward the design and storyboard process, identify and create key missing pieces in the same aesthetic, and tell a more comprehensive story of the customer journey. Using 3D animation, we up-leveled the video to make it stand out while creatively playing within Azure’s brand guidelines. 


The animation was so well received that we were contacted to produce an awareness banner ad campaign for Azure Hybrid Cloud. Leveraging the artwork that had already been created for the video allowed us to focus on messaging and explore how these assets could be reimagined within a banner campaign. This campaign included copywriting, wireframing, graphic design, and animation for a series of static and dynamic banner ads. We worked directly with the ad service provider to ensure the development of the assets were optimized for the ad buy and deployment specs, and delivered the final assets to Bloomberg, Ogury, The Atlantic, Teads, and Spiceworks. We also created new video scripts as cut downs of the original Azure Arc animation for paid use on LinkedIn, Twitter, & Facebook. 

To us, referrals are the ultimate compliment and measure of success!

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