Our Expertise

Marketing Strategy

Your killer creative content requires an equally dialed-in campaign strategy to cut through the noise. Our experienced marketing masterminds will distill your company’s objectives to create a holistic, end-to-end strategic approach to engage and mobilize your target audience.

Creative Concepting & Development

You need a big idea? We’ve got ’em. Our Creative Director holds 11 Emmy Awards and will use his many talents to align your goals, messaging, and desired look and feel to a creative concept that will capture attention and resonate with your audience.

Video & Audio Production

Video and audio production will always be VMG’s core strength, since that’s where it all began. Whether you’re looking for commercials, case studies, explainer videos, corporate interviews, event coverage, or promotional content, we’ve got you covered.


We view the world from behind a lens and will shoot beautiful, focused photos to support your marketing materials and objectives. Whether your subject is a product, person, or place, they’ll be immortalized through artfully designed lighting and composition.

Design & Branding

Our team of artistic genies will hear your wishes and conjure them into reality. We excel at designing email templates, keynote presentations, tradeshow booths, and campaign assets. Need to hit “refresh” on your branding? We’re happy to reimagine your brand identity in a way that creates an impactful, lasting impression.

Animation & Motion Graphics

Animation is visually appealing, easily updated, and doesn’t require on-camera talent, making it an effective solution for clients who need videos with longevity. Motion Graphics describes the marriage of both animation and video. We elevate your video with kinetic text, supporting images, or advanced visual effects.

Interactive Media

Interactive media has the power to turn an audience from passive to engaged. By creating an interactive video, the viewer is prompted to take action within the content, which improves their retention. Interactive media has many uses, but is particularly helpful for internal trainings. Our programs generate backend metrics, allowing our clients to identify learning gaps so the training can be optimized for maximum results.

Content Marketing

Looking for ways to drive traffic to your website by improving your search engine ranking and qualify potential leads simply by educating your clients about your areas of expertise? Our Content Marketing Manager can consult with your team to teach the basics, or we can manage your strategy from the total backend setup to ongoing content creation, deployment, and reporting.

Don’t take our word for it!

At VMG we are all about establishing empowering client relationships. Listen to what VMG has done for some of our favorite clients!

Michele Fielding

Microsoft GSMO Communications Manager

Michelle Haines

Sales & Marketing, Teatro Zinzanni

I want to publicly thank you for your commitment to this project. It was a big deliverable on a tight timeline over a tough part of the year. So, I appreciate you and your team’s dedication and follow-through.

Jeff Dubois

Channels & Programs

Executive Communications Manager

Microsoft Commercial Partner

VMG brings a truly creative view to their projects. Not only are their ideas creative, but they went out of their way to execute the project in a way that conforms to our budget, finding ways to cut costs while maintaining high quality.

Amy Stephan

Devices and Mobility


WW Enterprise Sales for Windows

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