Teatro ZinZanni – VMG STUDIOS

Teatro ZinZanni

Emmy Award-Winning Commercial

Live-Action Video, Design


Teatro ZinZanni, a Seattle entertainment staple and dinner theater circus company, approached VMG Studios with the goal of increasing ticket sales and web traffic using a new commercial and image campaign. We decided that our work should embody the ineffable show’s tagline: Words Cannot Describe.


In an effort to represent the very best of Teatro ZinZanni, we analyzed each act ahead of time to determine the most efficient way to get the shots we needed, since each take was physically taxing on the performers. After a 17-hour shoot day, the result was an incredibly vibrant and captivating commercial that resulted in an 11% increase in web traffic and increased ticket revenue by $325,000 in 6 months for Teatro ZinZanni. Beyond being an incredible experience for the VMG team, our efforts paid off in the form of an Emmy win for the commercial, and a lasting relationship with a growing theatrical company.

Style & Production